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Ensures you get a larger selection of plays while still being affordable.
10 Games never expire, play on days you are able and wanting to play.
You save BIG while EARNING MONEY and we build your confidence!

REG. $650.00
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Must show a PROFIT or we will work with you until you do!
All Games Are Monitored

Now, let’s examine our revolutionary approach to winning at the most popular betting sport. We differ from other services in so many ways, from philosophy to selecting games to packaging our services that we are truly THE FIRST 21ST CENTURY MODERN SERVICE specifically designed to utilize all of the advantages that ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY offers:

  • Business model… Our football service starts with 20 experts on the scene around the country. We came together as a syndicate, sharing information, compiling stats, studying trends and tracking teams in every college conference and NFL division. We are NOT A ONE MAN BAND. There is NO EGO HERE. Each expert compiles the best games for his area and share his stat information in a common database.
  • Handicapping… It stands to reason that an expert will do better in his own specialty conference or area. But, we know guys can get stale, if they are limited. So our men put together what they rate as their TOP GAME. From those 20 TOP PLAYS every one of our handicappers works on independently, rating the games. The Top 3 to 5 games as agreed upon by all 20 ARE THE ONLY RELEASES.
  • Strategy… Our approach is to take a FEW GAMES and CRUSH THEM. We do not scattershot a board. Players make MORE MONEY by investing in higher percentage plays with an amount of money equal to the power of the play. Our winning percentage translates into TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS when played correctly.
  • Packages… Because of our strategy, we DO NOT pressure players into taking expensive season-long packages. Instead, we work with our members to build up their bankrolls starting with 5 to 20 Game Packages. That way you can increase your betting capital weekly and use your winnings to pay for your next package while at the same time reinvesting part of your won money in ever increasing bet sizes so that you win even more.
  • Affordable… Clients find our Package Program to be affordable and to allow them the most freedom of play while at the same time increasing their profits.