2024 Major League Baseball Season Packages

1 Week Trial $199

1 Month Service $599

Season Service $2900



Our explosive Diamond ABC system just destroys the money line. Our system provides creative packaging designed to limit your risk while maximizing your profit

The DIAMOND ABC is based on mathematical probabilities culled from decades of study of the ebb and flow of the long baseball season. Using proven models, our handicappers can spot the VALUE in THE MONEY LINE and push strongly when the laws of probability are in our favor.

The closest comparison would be CARD COUNTING in BLACKJACK. You know how the casinos hate “counters.” They will bar them, if they catch them. Our idea is the same. When a certain number of factors are on our side and the Money Line represents VALUE, we step in. The big difference is that with thousands of baseball games in a season and with no “cameras” on the action, we can slide in and out unnoticed unlike the card counters.

The system—IS SET UP TO FIND VALUE and USES A PROVEN METHOD THAT SPOTS KEY STREAKS that have over the years built up a high win percentage when these factors are involved. Like the “card counters” we wait until the probabilities are overwhelmingly in our favor That is when we step in with heavy action.

This is like a license to steal. And we take every advantage of it. Baseball comes fast and furious with a lot of action from April to October.

Because of the high profit ceiling with this system, We concentrate on the bets that show the highest positive return on investment. Our syndicate members scout the teams in their area, the information is fed back to our headquarters and then studied. When the time is ripe, WE STRIKE.

Because this system is based on striking in specific situations, we feel it is better for clients to take the entire season, but we offer small time-period packages for those who want to test the waters.