2024 Basketball Season Packages

5 Game Package $299
  • Perfect for those who just want to test the waters.
  • You get our 5 Best Games as they are posted.
  • It might be 5 in one day or a weekend or a week.
  • We only release games when we are sure we have a huge edge in information against the line.

10 Game Package $399
  • Ensures you get a larger selection of plays while still being affordable.
  • Start small. Increase your play as you win.

15 Game Package $599
  • Ensures you get a larger selection of plays while still being affordable.
  • Start bigger, win bigger. Increase your play as you win.



Our Syndicate setup gives Behind-TheLine.Com the perfect organization to meet and defeat the Las Vegas linesmakers at every turn. Even a hard-core bettor can see that there are up to 100 Games on the Basketball Board On Certain Days. Also, The Linesmakers are hard pressed to balance their books. They concentrate on the big TV GAMES because they expect most of the action there!
And for years their approach was right because…
Individual handicappers could only study so many games in a 24 hour period. Usually single handicappers concentrated on the TV games as well because there was more information in the papers and broadcasts about those games.
That results in a continued edge for the bookmakers. But… Behind the Line has eyes and ears and feet on the ground all over. On a 100 Game board, we can spot the bad lines on games that are under the radar and that the linesmakers have spent little time on.

Our scouting methods found 3 games that were supposed to be close based on the line, but which were blowouts on the court. And we were on the right side in all 3.

In Addition, Our Members Use the Most Sophisticated Tracking Software in the handicapping business. We NOT ONLY TRACK TEAMS, but PLAYERS AS WELL. We can tell when a player’s efficiency is increasing and how that impacts his team’s offense. We can tell when a key guard or forward is tailing off in his overall game and how that negatively impacts the rest of the team.

We specialize in TEAMS THAT ARE IMPROVING going against SQUADS THAT ARE ON A DOWNWARD TREND. Basketball is a long season. Building a winning record in December and January may not indicate a team’s or player’s ability to perform in February and March. Overall statistics are meaningless, unless you have a way of breaking them down to chart a team’s progress or regress.


Our “Pinpoint Strategy” allows us to pick and choose spots. This raises out overall winning percentage to 66% and above for a season. But, it’s not unusual to hit streaks of 5, 9, even 12 winners in a row. And, we do not force games. If we don’t have a proven edge in chance of winning percentage based on our on the scenes info and tracking stats we will pass.


Our basketball package strategy is the same we employ in football. We DO NOT pressure members into buying a long term, expensive service. Instead, clients have more affordable options that let them PAY AS THEY WIN. Sign up for a small package, win, reinvest part of your winnings in another package and so on. This way you can ride win streaks and sit out those rare times when our percentage dips below 66%.